Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 5

Letter from the editor CHANGE YOUR MIND AND CHANGE THE WORLD. You know what really pushes my buttons? When people tell me one person can’t make a difference. I hate small thinking. Do you really think that one person can’t make a difference? You need to change your mind. About yourself and about the world around you. Stop focusing on the fact that you are just one person. One thought can spread like wildfire and ignite an entire forest! Mindset is the number one thing I do everyday in my business. It is the very first thing I do everyday! I want to encourage you to focus on yourself. Focus on how you want to change the world. I know that as entrepreneurs or even wanna-be-entrepreneurs, hell just people in general, we tend to put ourselves last. We tell ourselves that we will never be good enough. That we will never make it. We tell ourselves things we would never even dare utter out loud to another human being. I am far from ever being perfect and I will never ever be done growing. Mindset is not a one and done type of thing. It is an ever growing and ever developing process. I challenge you to create a strong morning routine and start with positive journaling. There is no wrong way to do it. You just have to start. Start writing out your dream life and starting pumping yourself full of positivity. It’s the age old saying that like attracts like. Simply sit back and imagine how amazing your life is and imagine where you want to take it. Then go out and do it. Even if you are reading this right now and thinking, bullshit. I challenge you to try it just for a week. Then a month. See where the world takes you. I can guarantee you will never look back again. What do you have to lose? XOXO, Samantha 4