Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 45

self-esteem. Did I mention that having an orderly house that you are proud of makes you feel more confident in your business? Have an orgasm...yup I said it. Orgasms release endorphins and dopamine, ease tension, clear creative blocks, keeps the “plumbing” from backing up and relieves stress. Do it yourself, do it with a friend, do it with your partner - just do it. BE PRESENT...every day as many minutes as you can and they don’t have to be consecutive. Being present is being fully aware and within yourself. Experiencing every situation from a WHOLE perspective. Being present promotes positive thinking, self-awareness, personal growth, release of bad habits, better choices and mindfulness. Don’t live in future moments or the minutes past. Use your 5 senses to live in the exact moment you are standing and BE AWAKE. Be spiritual...Go to church, go outside, go to mass, hug a tree, PRAY, cast a spell, hum mantras, dance naked in your backyard..whatever connects you to spirit. Not your mama’s list of self-care is it? That’s what I’m here for darlings - expanding your thought and opening you up to bigger ideas. Let’s move on to the guilt factor.. health is the worst self-sabotaging behavior an entrepreneur can have. Let’s be blunt shall we? You know it’s important. When you don’t take a break for yourself to connect and regroup whether it’s once a month or once a week - you get sick. Eventually, your body will say “that’s enough bitch!” and it will force you to stop with something that will either slow you down s YۚYX[H܈X[]]H[K[x&\H[\[[\[Z[H܈[\Y[Y[x&\Bۈ܈H[ [HUHXZH[\[H[ܚ]K[H]B[H[\\X]H[Y[[\YX][X\H[[H]HHۜ\[ ^\\[] Y[H8'[\[Yx'H[[\[[\\ZH[H]\[ۙB[KY]8&\][HYY[[HY\HX[\[Y[H^H[X]]Y[\[BX]H]]܂HXو[X\H܈YHو\YH\\˜H\Z[[[[وZ[]XY][]BY[[\Z[[YH܈\[\ˈ]\HY[[H]Hۈ[\H܈\[\[BۛH^H]\[Hو] Z[\˜H\[[[[ۈ H[HYYZH[\\X[]H[ݙ\] [YHY\[[Z[X\8'x&[H\Y[^]\Y H][&]YHZ[]H^\[[[۝YZH\YY]]^H[œY][܈^\['H[Hӓ[HYYBXZ][H۸&]ZH]X]\HHZ[]š[ H[HXZHH L ^\\܈[\[[[[H۸&]] 8'x&[H\KH]H]Y[[ܚ]Kx&[H\Y H]H]X™[XYKH[&]Yܙ] H]H]Xܚ[][XYHZ\]X[YH]^HBHY)'HHZ[Y[]ۈ[\[\܂[[ۙYY[\\H[ZH\HوZ\[Y\\[[\[]\[\XYBX] MYX\^\Y[KH[[BܙX]HX[HYH[\ۛY[\[\\˜[Y\[\[HXZ[Z[[[[H[K[Y\\[H\[ۘ]H[Y[\\B܈H][[H\XY\˂[[ZYX\˘B+{#