Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 44

A Real View on Self-Care by Jennifer Mather S elf-care is a term that has become a trending household term. A favorite in the holistic community and to all manner of business, health and life coaches across the world and the recent topic of quite a few groups recently. system, strengthens all of your body’s healing processes, connects you to your spiritual self and aligns your Chakras - and if you find a practitioner who talks to angels or reads Tarot cards it’s even better! Self care - the act of reconnecting to yourself and finding your peace, nurturing your soul, mind and body to bring upon a feeling of well being, clarity and health. Take a bath...water is healing. If you don’t have a bathtub - take a shower - who cares. The point is that you are in the water having alone time. Keep a stash of luxurious soaps, body washes, scrubs and lotion that you will only use for special baths and showers.. What is your idea of self-care? Are you a mani/ pedi princess or a fan of hard core deep tissue massage? I want to take this opportunity to shake it up a bit for you Here are my top suggestions for low-cost and nocost proper self-care for renegades Reiki...relieves stress, stimulates your immune 43 Be master of your domain...say what? Yes! Your home is a reflection of you so if your home is a mess so are YOU. Want to feel good about yourself? Clean a room. House-care releases negative feelings, relieves stress, provides a certain amount of exercise, strengthens your ability to be organized in your life and business and improves