Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 41

C onferences are the perfect way to interact with people in your industry, make new friends, meet collaborators and just inject yourself with all sort of inspiration. About the Author Here are just a few nuggets of pure gold inspiration Kathy Rasmussen and I recently took away from the Yellow Conference in L.A last month. You can check out more inspiration from Yellow Conference and founder, Joanna Waterfall, at “You are your only problem and your only solution” -Megan, Bridesmaids “Just because something isn’t your job doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility”. “Slow down and live in the moment”. “It’s not about what we do when we dream, it’s about what we do when we wake”. The biggest takeaway from Yellow Conference also came in the way of ideas sparked. It is amazing what can happen when you step outside and just try something new. Ideas start flowing and the world starts moving. Pictured (opposite): Joanna Waterfall is the founder of Yellow Conference. A create conference held annually that inspires creative entrepreneurs from around the country. Yellow Conference focuses on creative people who are inspired to change the world and give back. Photo by Valerie Denise Photos. Samantha Parker is a Social Media Strategist + Manager and the owner of Hype Social Strategies. She teaches small business owners how use social media to find their true voice and let their badass selves shine with a direct, non-apologetic style. She is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Badassery Magazine whose mission is to inspire, empower and support badass entrepreneurs everywhere.    