Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 35

create a real goal involving numbers i.e. how many sales or how many clients you’d like to obtain each month, achieving this goal becomes easier. The reason is that it allows you to not only plan for your income potential, but can also help when marketing. So now decide on an amount that you’d like to make and figure out how many clients/sales it would take in order to get there. If you want to make 10K this month, how many sales does that equate to for your product/service? For example, I like to bring in 30 clients a month. For me, I have enrollment periods at the last week of each month where people can sign up for next months spots. If I know that I am accepting only 30 new people, I can create scarcity as spots fill up and it forces people to actually make a decision instead of waiting until the time “feels” right. They’ll know they only have so long until they lose their spot so they act faster. This helps with booking clients and income planning. 2. SHARE YOUR GOODIES. I’m talking BUSINESS goodies to be more specific. Part of any business owners strategy should be giving away things for free. Even if you only do it for a limited time to create a buzz, do it. It’s been proven that freebies attract skeptical clients because they view it as a way to test you out as a person without committing to anything. You’ve heard the saying “test drive the car before you buy it”, people like to do this with business owners too. When you add value to someone’s life without asking for anything in return, it builds trust. It also gives you a space in their mind above other business that may be your competitor. If someone has already received something from you for free and they loved it, when you do go to make a sale, they’ll be warmed up and ready to hear what you have to say. 3. SELL YOUR BRAINS OUT! Selling has become this negatively viewed subject. We’re petrified of coming off as “salesy” yet all sales experts will tell you that people aren’t actually afraid of being sold on things. It happens all of the time through advertising, music, etc. and people don’t think twice about it. We buy Nike’s because Nike sells to us all day, everyday. They sell by having our favorite sports players wearing their stuff, they sell by commercials, ads on Facebook and by creating such a buzz around their brand that it’s become so cool to wear them. There are plenty of other cute, cheaper sneakers out there, yet we will always put more money into the Nikes because we know they’re good quality and the brand represents “cool.” You have to learn to create this same buzz around YOUR business. Now the general public may never view hiring a strategy coach as the same level of cool as buying Nikes, but I can create a coolness factor for my clients. The goal is to make it so that when people think of strategy and business plan34