Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 34

STRATEGIZE YOUR SPARKLE by Jamie Lee M y goal every single day is to sparkle. I want to shine in my business, at the coffee shop and even getting gas. I want to bring a light to life that most people never see. The issue is that in business, just being sparkly doesn’t always get you clients. I’ve met many incredible women who have the sparkle. They are incredible at connecting to people, they bring love and light to their business and have the mind to be a huge success, but they are lacking strategy. I never want to see women with so much fire and sparkle, be dulled by lack of strategy. I mean, after 33 all I am a strategy coach. So I wrote this article to help you strategize your sparkle. There are many things you can do to create a plan that works for your business, but for each business there is typically a different way to plan your growth. These 3 action steps though are perfect for everyone and every business. Are you ready to strategize that sparkle? Here’s how! 1. REMEMBER THAT IT’S A NUMBERS GAME. Most people’s goal in their new business is to simply get clients and make money. But, when you