Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 32

investment in them). And unless you’re married to your high school sweetheart, you know a thing about relationship trial & error (and lessons)! If the long term sustainable game isn’t your bag, as long as you’re meeting your objectives, go hard until you hit a wall (it will happen). About the Author Here’s where value investment & return on investment comes in on the long-term sustainable front. Ask yourself these questions before initiating a relationship, getting to know someone (building a relationship), or making an investment in your business by engaging someone for hire or kinship: What are my expectations and do I want this relationship to be long term? Not every “job” needs to be thoroughly scrutinized in delegation, nor does every interaction need to lead to a long-term relationship investment (nor should it). Will this relationship be one sided or is this one of mutual exchange? More likely to be long term sustainable when both sides are adding value either personally, or have a system in supporting each other business-wise. Do I have the capacity to make this investment? Either way, be honest with yourself, and/or hold of on pursuing your investment in the said relationship until you’re able to commit and show up. Always be up front; people tend to be pretty understanding, as we’re all relatively mortal. Get out the bullshit detector (your intuition). Energy does not lie and you can feel that person’s vibe 1000 miles away (and around the world online). What your tone, presence and interaction style is on the outside (online) is the #1 lead-in to sparking a conversation with a potential long-term business bestie (or newfound soul friend, in general). Know when to cut your losses. Hey, not every relationship or investment is going to be a “W”, out of the park, get your love on home-run. Chalk it up to taking risks, putting yourself and your heart out there, and doing what’s best for all - that’s what a conscious collective is all about. 31 Sloan is a seasoned financial mentor, business strategist & coach who serves women & entrepreneurs. Sloan has occupied the financial services industry and online space for over a decade working with Fortune 500 organizations, accredited investors, startups, and new to the game purpose driven entrepreneurs. She helps her clients achieve security, success and freedom by overcoming financial hurdles and creating sustainable income generating business models & investment strategies to reach all of their big picture goals. Financial abundance queen, dog mum and fair weather athlete, Sloan’s soul is in all she does with whom she’s with.    