Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 30

LONG-TERM SUSTAINABLE SISTER OR TRANSACTIONBASED BETTY: What’s Your True Investment in Your Conscious Collective? by Sloan Lauinger I f there’s one thing that will change the way you think about & spend money, it’s community & connectivity. Think about it, your community is your environment; your life source & your pulse. What you feed your life source gives it its health, vibrancy and lifespan. Nourish the life source and it’s vitality will be long-term sustainable. Pollute the life source (and literal environment) and it will become unhealthy and die. What I challenge you to consider within this context, is your investments around & within your community. Investments into relationships (in the flesh and online), investments into local business’, investments that stimulate growth, connectivity, 29 and happiness. Growing up in a small Midwest town (population 2300), that town’s heartbeat is its people ~ supporting each other so they can harmoniously sustain the environment they choose to occupy. The support your people mantra doesn’t change within online communities and living in a larger center. I live in stunning Vancouver, Canada, and I definitely go out of my way to hit up the local farmer’s s