Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 28

reading about people who are less fortunate than you, you realize how blessed you are. People are in danger all around the world. Who cares if your business frenemy has more Twitter followers than you? IMPROVE “IDEAL CLIENT” PROFILES We all have struggled with coming up with an ideal client profile; it is sometimes hard to vividly imagine your perfect customer. By reading books, you learn more about character development and description, allowing you to write more developed ideal client profiles. There is also an added bonus of better understanding your ideal client if you read certain books. Are you an entrepreneur who helps women to cut back on shopping to get out of credit card debt? Reading the Shopaholic series will help you better understand your audience. your customers will be clamoring to click the “buy now” button. There you have it! You now can open up your copy of The Cursed Child without guilt. Just let us know what you think on social media, okay? We have heard mixed reviews, and we want to know if you are for or against the book. About the Author BETTER EMOTIONALLY CONNECT WITH YOUR AUDIENCE Fiction helps people better empathize with other people. When you are picking up a novel, especially one in the first person perspective, you are metaphorically walking in another person’s shoes. You better understand how they think and feel. If the author is really good, you viscerally feel what the character is feeling and are experiencing the events of the novel as if you are the character. By strengthening your empathy muscle, you become an exponentially better business owner. You will write better copy and posts that will emotionally resonate with your community. When you are on a discovery call, you will increase your odds of making a sale, because you are emotionally connecting with the person you are talking to. Besides, it will just make you a better person in general. And who doesn’t want that? LEARN NEW WRITING TECHNIQUES Is your writing feeling a little flat? Novels can swoop in to the save the day. Want to learn how to write concisely? Pick up a Hemingway novel or short story, and study his technique. Before you know it, your word count will go down from 1,000 words per post to 500. Do you want to beautify your copy with lovely similes or metaphors? Pick up a book of poetry and dissect the images in the poems. Your sales page will be so gorgeous that 27 Sarah Fox is a novel writing coach and editor who helps ambitious authors start and complete their novels. When she is not working on her own novel, she writes for Quirk Books and Imaginary Book Club. You can find her thoughts on writing and pop culture at    