Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 27

How Reading Fiction Can Improve Your Business Writing by Sarah Fox L et me guess. You have been spending hours reading the latest business book, listening to a podcast on entrepreneurship, or watching endless videos on increasing your presence on social media. You are burned out, and you just want to curl up with the new Harry Potter book. Yet you have to keep hustling, so you watch another webinar on writing snappy headlines. What if I told you it was a better use of your time to read your favorite fiction book than to watch a course that is rehashing all the same business information that you already know? Here are a few reasons why diving into fictional worlds and stories can be beneficial to your business. GET FRESH IDEAS I don’t know about you, but I bet you are going to scream if you read another headline that says: “How I Made Six Figures in my First Year of Busi- ness” or “How I Made Five Figures in my First Month of Business.” I am betting a lot of it isn’t true, and, even if it is, people are sick of hearing about it. Even if you have one of these unicorn businesses, it is a good idea for you to stand out. By reading novels, you can inject new, fresh life into your blog headlines or social media posts. Let’s say you did have a financially lucrative month. Instead of throwing out your numbers like everyone else, you can say, “How I Got Out of Debt Without Using Evanesco or Other Vanishing Spells.” See? People are way more likely to click on that headline than the other conventional ones. NEW PERSPECTIVES ON THE WORLD If you keep comparing yourself to your competitors or the gurus, you are probably going to feel like you are