Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 23

Ready to Dare? Let’s face it, life can get overwhelming. It’s hard to break out of your shell and feel like you ever have a chance to stand out on social media. Everywhere you turn people seem to be waiting for you to fail. It’s time to get your confidence back and find your passion again! Join us for the 31 day Dare To Be Badass Challenge, where you’ll finally get your mojo back. Have fun, meet tons of new friends, and remember the badass you are! Each day you’ll get a new prompt to help you step up and stand out while stepping just a smidge outside your comfort zone. Sign up for free at and you’ll be also be eligible for prizes including Spiritual Badass coffee cups, t-shirts, and Oracle Decks! The fun won’t stop all month long. It’s time to dare to be badass!