Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 18

Do you journal? If not, you definitely should. Get a little notebook, write out positive intentions for the day, and add in some power statements about the awesome things you are also going to achieve, this week, this month, or this year. About the Author When you suffocate the disempowering th oughts of feeling like you’re not enough – or someone will catch on to you not having a clue about what you’re doing – you actually give more oxygen to the healthy, empowering thoughts that keep you moving on course and elevating to the next level of badassery. And, isn’t that really why you’re here anyway? Mediocrity isn’t your game. FIFTH: FIND YOUR PERSON. Find at least one person who believes in you fully (besides your ridiculously awesome self), and make them an accountability partner. Accountability partners are an absolute necessity, and not just in business. If your goals are focused on something else right now, such as a relationship, an accountability buddy will help you stay focused and keep the primary goal in mind – especially when you feel an overwhelming urge to throw in the towel. Oh, and PS: You should probably call your accountability partner regularly, and reach out on some of the more unsteady moments between “dates”. Crazy overwhelm isn’t known to adhere to a regular schedule. These five tools will help you get out there blazing a fully-aligned, passion-filled, purpose-driven mission faster than you can reschedule the meeting you missed (almost on purpose) with your CPA. Debbie Pace is a life coach with an MBA, a triathlete, and a badass firewalker four times and counting. She is a former U.S. Navy Journalist who was stationed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and more than two decades of award-winning broadcast experience… from radio and TV news anchoring and reporting, to online news editing, writing and producing, and even some country music DJing. She is the author of the Journal to Freedom – a 30-day (or so) intensive journal to help people break through blockages that are holding them back from speaking their deep, authentic truth. As the self-proclaimed top Fear Extinguisher in the U.S., Debbie runs fear-focused coaching programs, including a week-long challenge to help people Kick the Shit Out of Fear. She is also a keynote speaker specializing in motivational events who brings her power and passion to a deeply inspiring message. She recently transplanted to the Sunshine State with her husband, two kids, a golden retriever and two fish. 17 