Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 17

want to share with the masses that could greatly improve your bottom line. START TELLING THE TRUTH. Not the fake truth… the candy-coated, all polished-up for you so you don’t feel pain truth. No. The REAL truth. The bare your soul, be afraid, be vulnerable because someone might not like it, but the right people will LOVE IT and buy/read/share whatever you’re putting out there truth. The authentic truth that almost makes you cry because it feels so powerful and raw. I’ve helped others peel away the layers of fear, enabling them to fully own and express their truth and, hands down, it’s one of the most amazing “unleashing” experiences I’ve seen. That’s great and all, but this isn’t (officially) a coaching session, and you don’t have more than a few minutes right now to learn a few things while simultaneously being entertained by other badasses. AmIright? FIRST: IDENTIFY YOUR BIGGEST FEAR RIGHT NOW IN YOUR MESSAGING. Are you afraid you will alienate clients? Worried you’ll lose some of your email subscribers? Panic at the thought that Aunt Pearl will be upset with your message and not bring lemon bars to the next family function? (This is a very real and valid fear, peeps, don’t laugh.) SECOND: IDENTIFY WHAT IT’S COSTING YOU. What are your business (or life, relationship, personal, etc.) goals that aren’t emotionally motivated. For example, we know you have bills to pay and WANT to make $XXXX per month, but what do you feel is a 100% achievable goal with all emotion removed? Are you meeting that goal or falling short? And, if you are meeting that goal, how much more do you think you could achieve if your 100% passionate and purposeful message was hitting the absolute perfect client every time? I’m going out on a limb here and guessing the answer is definitely higher. Great! THIRD: CREATE A PASSIONATE PURPOSE STATEMENT. Because, you can easily right now – and right away – get the steam train a-rollin’ if you are in any way holding back the all-powerful, fully-passionate message that you KNOW in your soul isn’t truly being spoken to the people who really need to hear it. Your perfect ideal clients are hungrily waiting, my friend. Think about who you are, what gets you out of bed in the morning, what you can’t stop talking about at parties, etc. Those are passions. Next, create your purpose statement around them. You know what I mean here… the true, powerful statement guided by your internal fire for making everything you do outfrickingstanding. Remember the last time you had that absolute blissful, energizing experience of being in a group of people who just GOT you? You seemed to talk for hours about the things that just LIT YOU UP. There’s a difference between saying, “I create programs and coach people to get unstuck so they can live a passionate, purposeful life,” AND “I’m America’s top Fear Extinguisher who creates high-level programs that help people Kick the Shit Out of Fear to live their most amazing, passionate, purposeful life.” That there? That’s where you need to go in your messaging with this handy little five-piece toolkit that will have you busting out of the dark, suffocating box and completely lighting up your corner of the world with total rock star intensity. So, call in a couple girlfriends, and start thinking about how it feels to be on fire with your purpose. Can you hear me now? FOURTH: CREATE A DAILY MINDSET PRACTICE. 16