Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 16

ARE YOU SABOTAGING YOUR SUCCESS BY NOT SPEAKING THE REAL TRUTH? by Debbie Pace I just sat here for an hour (ok, it’s really been a couple weeks) trying to come up with the perfect message for a community of badasses who already GET the hard shit, but really could use a couple of easy buttons. After all, you’re juggling a business, a family, perhaps an additional job for your life-sustaining income, and maybe even a workout schedule to elevate your badass-hood a little higher. But, what EASY BUTTON could I possibly come 15 up with for you to help relieve even one iota of the crazy and chaos of your daily life without adding another app or software package to master, or give you YET ANOTHER webinar to attend? (You still have 2:30am-3:30am free on Tuesday, right?!) Actually, none of that is my style or my line of business. I do, however, have an easy button to help streamline your business, blog, or any other message you