Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 13

will do it, and how it is done. Make sure your brand delivers on what you say you will. media platforms and my website. The time I spent doing this was a huge bonus to my business. 72% of marketers think branded content is more impactful than advertising in a national magazine; 69% say it is bigger than direct mail and PR. Branded content is a great way to teach potential clients while establishing your expertise in your niche. Build trust with branded content. Let’s dive deep into what good branding can do to your badass business! Color increases brand recognition by up to 80%. This one is the craziest of all stats, and is the reason why it’s important to have a consistent brand color palette. Want to know how to market your brand effectively? Start with strong branding! I tripled my website traffic just by doing this. I stuck to a color palette and made it consistent across all social 1. RECOGNITION A good brand is easily recognisable and catchy! One of the first things that stands out in your brand is the logo. Remember as soon as we see a yellow arch, we think of McDonald’s or when you see a tick sign you think of Nike. Logo is the most critical element of branding. It is the face of your brand and you should make sure that it is professional and simple enough to be memorable and easy to understand, and portrays your brand in an effective manner.