Badassery Magazine Issue 5 October - Page 11

4. SILENCE THE CHATTER Unsubscribe from lists of people who make you feel like crap because they seem to be doing everything you aren’t just yet. About the Author Depart from groups of people who kill your vibe. And for crying out loud, stop watching what “they” do (who is they?) you get the point. #foyos Focus On Your Own Stuff 5. STOP CARING WHAT PEOPLE WILL THINK. This is one the biggest steps you can take. Throw your cares to the wind and just do it! 6. DON’T LET METRICS KILL YOUR VIBE Do you ever click send on an email or post on social media and then you keep refreshing to see how many opens or comments? Stop the madness! Who cares how many views, clicks or comments you get? The key here is to build your confidence which is partly done by doing. Not saying analytics are not important. In fact they will be at some point but they simply shouldn’t be the focus when you are in a vulnerable state. Lastly, if you are part of the I’m about to throw in the towel group (see above), please remember that there is always someone two steps behind you who needs to know what you know. And don’t ever forget that gifts, skills and experiences are needed by someone in the world. If you quit you will be cheating the people who need you. Mindset mastery is a mix of daily practices that renew your thought process and being mindful of who and what you allow to influence your vibe. Lisa Porter is a powerhouse certified business coach, podcaster and marketing strategist for female coaches, consultants, speakers and service based entrepreneurs who want be seen and get paid while doing what they love. She is the founder and CEO of Spark and Profit and the Women’s Coaching Academy. Lisa believes every woman has a gift, skill or experience to share with others and she lives and breathes to empower women to package their gift so they can earn on their own terms. Her tell it like it is, energetic personality combined her continual thirst for perfecting her craft makes her an immeasurable resource for her clients. Lisa combines mindset and marketing strategies and her love for online marketing to help savvy entrepreneurs gain more confidence, get more clients and increase their bottom line. Born and raised in New York, Lisa is a wife and homeschool mom of six who enjoys spending time with family.    