Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 9

One of the most kick ass things about being an entrepreneur is that you’re the boss. Want a couple of hours off in the afternoon? Check with the boss – she said it’s okay! Because she’s you, and you do what you want. You might find that you are super productive when you first wake up, not so much in the afternoon, and then again in the evening. Go with it! There’s no point in fighting city hall. 2. DO THE THINGS THAT CAUSE YOU DISTRACTION DURING YOUR NON-PRODUCTIVE TIMES. If you naturally tend to slack off in the afternoon, that’s a great time to get some of those tasks around the house done. Throw in laundry, take the dog for a walk, or hell, take a nap if you want to. 3. JOIN FACEBOOK GROUPS. This is an awesome solution to the whole loneliness thing. Find your tribe in a Facebook group, gather ‘round the virtual water cooler, and multi-task while working on your biz. Bonus: this is an awe- some way to network, find services you need, and make new friends who get you. 4. TAKE BREAKS. Working at home alone can cause you to get sucked into a virtual world where your business is king and you are but a mere minion that exists to do its bidding. Take intentional breaks (read: don’t just go on Pinterest for 10 minutes). Get up, walk away from your computer, and stretch. Connect with the physical world around you. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air. When you sit back down at your desk, you’ll be ready to slay. 5. HYDRATE. Just because there’s no water cooler at home doesn’t mean we can neglect our intake of H2O. Carrying a water bottle around the workplace becomes habit forming and that habit doesn’t necessarily translate to work at home. Dehydration, even in its mild form, can cause you to feel less than awesome. Headaches and fatigue can creep “ One of the most kick ass things about being an entrepreneur is that you’re the boss. ” 8