Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 8

HOW TO BE AWESOME at working from home by Amy Eaton M any badass lady bosses started their careers off sitting at a desk in an office full of other people, working their buns off to make someone else rich and successful. They dreamt of the day when they could work for their own damn selves in an Instagram-perfect, Pinterest-inspired home office. But when the day finally comes and you make your first commute from your bedroom to your office down the hall with a coffee in hand and a huge smile on your face, you’ll find out pretty quickly that it’s not as easy as it seems. Working at home is full of distractions. The dog needs to go out, that laundry needs to get done, and so on. There’s also a plethora of temptations that impede your progress toward all that goal smashing. You could work or you could binge watch the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Or give yourself a home pedicure. Or go shopping. Making that whole “hustle” thing 7 that everyone is always talking about happen is cle &ǒB&RFff7VBFVRWBF7G&7F2BFVFF26FRv&rg&ЦR6&R7G&vBWVǒvVRv&WG6FRbFRRFW&^( 2v&&&ƗGF@Rv&vFFVbVRBRFW&R0W7BRFW&^( 2RFFƲF&V6RFV2f`b"6vFFW&^( 26ƖF&GB6&FW&RFW&^( 27FǒW7BRBW"6@vVW2G'rFW"W&&BWfVf G&fW'G2&6W2BB6fVV&WGG6FpgFW"F"GvआW&^( 2FRvBWw2FW&R&RVGb7G&FVvW2FV6&BFR7V6fW7BFB6&Rv&rg&RBW&RFW&St$tDU"EU$44TETRࠠ