Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 39

6. CHOKERS & STATEMENT NECKLACES I love transforming looks. I’ll wear the same outfit repeatedly and change them up with accessories. Chokers are all the rage now. If you don’t feel so comfortable with a choker, opt for a chunky necklace to create a statement. I recommend styling chokers and shorter, round necklaces with a round neck shirt or dress. Tip: Create your own little choker with some ribbon like I did here. I like to make mine a little more feminine by tying it in to a bow. 7. GEO LACE Florals are always around every season of every year. But a nice twist on the current lace trend is geometrical lace. Be it tops, dresses or skirts, it works perfect for day or night. Add dainty, simple jewelry so not to be too overbearing and have too many things going on. 8. LIGHTWEIGHT DENIM Denim has been a lifesaver (well not literally) for me on many an occasion. But in the summer I cannot fathom the thought of wearing jeans. I’ve created quite the collection of lightweight denim shirts which have come in handy in both warm and cooler weather. I love to style over a summer dress and tied at the front, or even wear as a shirt tucked in to jeans. Lightweight denim dresses look great and are easily transformable too. Tie a thin belt round your waist, and add some sandals for an effortless yet stylish look. About the Author Chantal Boyajian is a blogger, stylist and femalepreneur. She founded last year, housing collections of jewelry and purses she curates from independent designers around the world. She moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to chase her dreams and following her years of styling after majoring in Fashion Design at university in England, she wants to continue sharing her passion for making women feel good about themselves by helping them find their comfort zones when it comes to style and own it! Chantal is currently reworking her blog to create separate platforms. One for style, and since she has also learned a lot through starting up her own business, Chantal is driving towards creating an additional platform to share her knowledge in hopes of helping others seeking to chase their dreams.    38