Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 37

8 WAYS TO UPGRADE YOUR STYLE THIS SUMMER by Chantal Boyajian A s much as I love boots and scarves, I’m so over wearing them. This year has been rather bipolar in Los Angeles in terms of weather. But finally summer is here, and out comes my summer wardrobe! Over the seasons we see trends come and go. While some are still sticking around (hugs fringe purse), here are some of the latest trends you can incorporate this summer to spruce up your look. Side note: Just because a trend is popular, it doesn’t mean you have to love it and/or wear it, so don’t beat yourself if some don’t appeal to you. As a stylist, I developed my style over the years and as fashion changes, I just make little updates to my staple looks to add little fresh elements without stepping out of my comfort zone. 1. ROSE GOLD Though rose has been popular for some time now, it’s definitely worth a mention because we should be wearing more of it! Rose gold is also a happy median to mix different metals together. 2. FRAYED SHORTS This may not be for everyone, and while my own style tends to be more classic with pops of color and patterns, if styled right you can wear this and still look chic. This isn’t exclusive to denim. There are options in other materials too that still look fab, and more light weight for hotter days. If frayed isn’t for you, try a pair with other de 36