Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 35

Make Business Relationships Matter by Marcia Whyte M any people in business would be surprised to discover that, despite every company’s claims of giving great customer service, unfortunately, that alone is no longer enough! That’s right … it’s not enough! people … just like us … who deserve to be celebrated and appreciated without any hidden agenda other than to stay in a good relationship with them because they matters to us for the person(s) they are. Consumers and other businesses that are on your client roster [rightfully] expect that you will be available to answer questions, advise them of upcoming sales/specials on your goods and services and make sure no glitches occur (or at least get them fixed expeditiously). But that’s just like paying the minimum on your credit card bills – the least of what you are obligated to do. According to both the SBA and the US Chamber of Commerce, 68% of customers stop doing business with companies because of perceived indifference … in other words, they don’t feel like they’re anything more than a business transaction to you. Certainly there are other reasons but that percentage is too high to go unnoticed, especially when it can easily be changed. Rarely do we stop to realize that our customers are There is a way to distinguish yourself from the 34