Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 31

Celebrate Independence In Style by Megan Chytraus T he fourth of July! The perfect summer holiday! Perfect outdoor weather, a menu full of classic American favorites, family, friends, and of course fireworks! Here are some tips to throw your own star spangled bash! THE MENU! Think good ole American classics and then add a fun patriotic twist! The end goal being that your food is as much a decoration as it is something to eat! • Use fun red and white striped paper boxes to serve your hotdogs • Serve blueberries and strawberries placed in a rectangular dish. Make the blueberries the stars, the strawberries the stripes, and add in stripes of whipped cream for good old American flag fruit salad! • Having kids? Make firecracker corn dogs by using crescent roll dough and wrapping it in a spiral up a hotdog on a stick. After you have it cooked, add pieces of star cut cheese on top with toothpicks! They will love it! • Cut your watermelon with a big star cookie cutter! Instant and easy food décor! • Extras! Serve easy sides in red and blue dishes! Think chips, potato salad, jello...all those classic BBQ sides! • Desserts are easy! Adorn cakes or cupcakes with star sprinkles, cute toppers, or sparklers • Want something to cool off? Stash some Popsicles in an ice bucket and bring them out after-dinner! • Make the drinks just as exciting! Get a stash of blue and red soda in the old-fashioned glass bottles! Place them in a silver bucket with ice in a way that keeps them cold but lets their color add to your scene! Not much for soda? Serve a blue colored drink (sports drink or Kool-Aid) in mason jars with a couple of your watermelon stars dropped in! Chill them before the party and then add them to an ice bucket..super cute! THE DÉCOR Red, White, and Blue through and through! The best part about this party is that the décor is so simple! Stripes, polka dots, denim textures, plaid, bandanna....all of them will work to set the scene and for most of us we won’t even need to spend much to get some! • If you have Christmas stuff, reuse any of the red items to save some money! • You can also find star shaped plastic serving dishes for extremely reasonable prices at many local stores as July approaches. • Paint old jars red and blue and use them as centerpieces or to hold utensils. Add even more flare to them but wrapping a piece of patriotic ribbon around them or paint some stripes or stars. • Table Cloth! This one is major!! Pick the perfect linen to dress your tables or at the very least your food table! Making it stand out with all of your fun menu options will have a major impact on the entire scene. • Use stars and stripes patterned paper to make some old fashioned circular fans that can be hung up along the fence line. Throw a banner in the middle with a fun 4th of July catchphrase and you’ve created a very simple yet noticeable backdrop. 30