Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 29

Bright Ideas: Action is EVERYTHING 3 steps to making your dreams come true by Kathy Rasmussen Y ou hear it time and time again that all you need is to want it bad enough and your dreams will come true. Believe me, I’ve tried. Growing up I would take every opportunity to make a wish. Birthday candles, shooting stars, dandelions, tossing coins, eyelashes…..the works. I was a serious wisher -- a pro. I would close my eyes and picture what I wanted in my mind. I’d take deep breaths and center all my thoughts on it. Every time I’d want my wish to come true so much I could feel it in my bones. But, to this day I don’t live in a castle, I don’t have a pet unicorn, and I cannot fly. *sadface emoji* As I grew up, my dreams were less rainbow colored and more serious, like living in my dream home. But, even though I can see it in my mind and want it so badly I can feel it in my bones, I still live in a duplex. It has become obvious that wanting something isn’t going to make it happen. In June of 2015, I started a new dream. I started my business as an implementation strategist and I wanted to build it enough to quit my day job and work on it full time. I knew in order for this dream to come true, I needed more than vision and desire. The fact is vision and desire are only two parts of the formula. These two parts are powerful, but alone, they are inert. To release their true power, you need a catalyst -- you need to add ACTION. Action is the difference between having a dream and making it come true. But how do you know what action to take? STEP 1: START WITH THE END IN MIND Making your dreams come true is similar to taking a vacation. You don’t just open the door, hop in the car and start driving. You figure out your destination first. Otherwise, you don’t know what to pack, what mode of transportation to take, or how much it will cost. If you want to have a successful vacation, before you go you need to know: • Where do you want to go? • When you do want to get there? • What are you going to do when you are there? The answers to these questions determine the next steps you are going to take to go on vacation. The same is true with your dream. Ask yourself similar questions like: • What do I want to accomplish? • When do I want to accomplish it by? • What do I want to happen as a result? One great way to do this for your business is to write a badass business manifesto. Outline your desires, your beliefs and your vision - and declare it to the world. 28