Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 23

Cool Down with a Spicy Cocktail by Beth Nydick W atermelon means summer by the ocean, childhood days playing in the waves, warm sun with sand under my toes and presently a beautiful drink in my hand. Summer fruits are best to satisfy sweet cravings especially when you have worked so hard to be fit for the summer. Drinking can be fun but the next morning can range between a little bit off to can’t get out of bed. Too many times drinks are made with chemical sweeteners and mixers that are well, bad for your body and good for a nice hangover. Creating a clean healthy cocktail is easy with summer fruits and fresh whole ingredients. You don’t need to add simple syrups, additives or chemicals to achieve a refreshing and tasty drink that won’t leave you wishing you had just stayed home. Clean drinks include ingredients that have numerous health benefits. Watermelon is high in lycopene, can relieve sore muscles and is mostly water. Not only is Mint good for digestion but it has properties that aid in fatigue and improve brain function. One drink that not only gives you important minerals but makes you smarter, how can you go wrong with that? Tequila, honestly my favorite drink, has great health benefits as well. Like mint aids in digestion, promotes good gut health and drinking a little, quite often, helps to ward off dementia. A little bit spicy and a whole lot of taste! This refreshing Watermelon Cooler gets a spicy hit from the fresh jalapeño and cooling mint to round out the drink. 22