Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 22

In order to reach people, to teach them and to make them feel like ‘she gets it’, you need to share you. And... …your audience wants to know that you understand them. That you have faced their struggles too and that you practise what you preach. The only way to do that is by sharing your stories and experiences with them. Show them your human side, show them that you are vulnerable too and that you get them. That’s the only path straight through their hearts. Plus it’s one of the core values to back up what you’re trying to teach them. START WRITING THE WAY YOU TALK Your aim here is to get a conversational tone. That’s what gets people hooked and makes them keep reading all at the same time. So if you say ‘right?’ at the end of a sentence a lot, who says you can’t add that to you writing as well? Not every sentence, of course, balance is the key, but enough to make it sound more authentic. So add in your expressions, your funny inside jokes, dry humour and really make it you. Go over the top, scale it back again. Whatever works for you. Experiment, go nuts, but most of all: be yourself. About the Author Stéphanie de Geus is a copywriter & content strategist living in the Netherlands. She’s a former editor-in-chief and has been a blogger for 9 years. Her goal is to help women business owners create an awesome and effortless online presence. She has every colour highlighter you can imagine, enough sticky notes to last two lifetimes and is not so secretly addicted to planning. She blogs about creating content and getting yourself organised over at    