Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 21

But how do you bring that unique voice of you to the party? Here are 4 expert tips: WRITE TO A FRIEND One of the best ways to write like you talk is to write a letter to you friends, or mum for that matter. Think about it, you wouldn’t talk to any of them using a big corporate voice, would you? Of course not! “ Your audience wants to know that you understand them. posts will be filled with personality. You will have to go back in and edit, as the technique is far from flawless. ASK A FRIEND If you’re not sure if your writing really sounds like you, ask a friend to proofread. Preferably one that is honest (the more honest, the better) and will really tell you what she thinks. Sometimes, especially when it comes to writing in your own voice, it’s good to have an extra set of eyes. You want to be sure it absolutely sounds like you and sometimes you look at yourself differently than your friends and family do. Just keep in mind that you have the last vote when it comes to what goes on and what stays out of your text. This is just to get a second opinion. ” Next time you’re writing, start off with ‘dear mum’ or the name of your best friend (or even better, the nam Hو[\YX[Y[ K۸&]ܜK[H۸&]]HX\] ]8&\\[[H][BYZ[] ^ ܚ]HH[\H\Y[x&\H[[\XH[K[[x&\HۙKXY]X[XHHY\[K[x&\Hܚ][Y[B[]Y[ZH[x&\H[[ۈ\\Y]8&\H\K[x&\HۈHYXBPԑSTQY[H]HHZXܛۙH [\H[X\H\X][[\™\XH[[\\]\\\HܙX] ]ZX˜[X\H^H][\XHۈۈ\\\XX[HY[HYH][[[\XBۈ\\\[\[HܛX[H[[[\THSTԒQTHBPTH[]HܚY\[^\Y[\]\HX[BXYX\ˈ]8&\\ܚY\[^\Y[\]XZH\[\]YKY[H۸&]\HH[[Y[š[[\^ ][XZH[H[؛XZ[ܚ[[ [ [X[]8&\][H[ \YK