Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 14

money triggers. When your money trigger rears its ugly head you know its time to find a quiet moment and reflect on the situation. What is really going on here? Is this really what I need, or is it something else entirely? When you get to the root of what is causing your money trigger behavior you can turn your focus to meeting your true needs. Everybody’s money triggers are unique but below are some of the most common money trigger behaviors and some examples of how they could play out in your life. Comfort: Spending money on material things to fix a problem. Solution: Stuff doesn’t solve anything. Go deeper to figure out what the core issue is. Entitlement: Putting a vacation on your credit card because you think you deserve it. Solution: Don’t travel on credit, but start a plan to save for the trip and create an inspiration board to keep you motivated. Avoidance: The desire to buy more online courses before you take the next scary step in your business. Solution: Go back through the courses you have purchased and utilize free resources before purchasing something new. Boredom: Ending up at Target because you have an hour to kill. Solution: Keep a list in your phone of fun activities or errands you can run when you have extra time. Visit a new park, browse a local bookstore, listen to a Podcast, etc. Stress: After a long week, all you want to do is to eat out (no meal prep, no dishes, yay!) Solution: Keep a few fun freezer meals on hand for days that cooking is not happening. Sometimes when you’re stressed wine on the couch is better than a restaurant anyway. It’s not always about spending less. It’s more important to focus on spending money the right way to bring the most value and joy into your life. Understanding where your money can best serve you takes thoughtful reflection and intentional action. You can’t change your money triggers, but you can change how you respond to the trigger and stop the behavior before it does damage to your bank account. About the Author Nicole Cooley is a corporate drop out and new mama currently obsessed with sleep, green juice and planting her new garden. Her company Money With Moxie helps women align their spending to their value system and use money as a tool to design their ideal life. 13 