Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 13

When Your Money Trigger Rears Its Ugly Head by Nicole Cooley L adies, this is the truth. I have a closet full of gorgeous shoes that don’t fit anymore. I think I’m mourning them. Mourning my shoe size pre-baby and the part of my life when heels were worn daily. Everything about my life and body post-baby is just… different. I know you understand. With everything feeling different, I feel like I have a closet full of clothes and shoes that don’t fit my new body or my new life. And I want to binge shop, hard core. Take it all, I’m starting over. This is especially embarrassing because I’m a Money Coach. I literally teach people how to be comfortable with what they have, curb shopping and optimize their spending. And here I am FIGHTING not to blow my budget filling my closet with more stuff. I’m confessing to you so you know its normal, sooooo normal. Truth is, the desire to binge shop is my money trigger. A money trigger is a behavior that causes you to spend in a way that isn’t aligned with your true needs. I have done enough money work to know that when I feel like I HAVE to shop, there is something else going on that can’t be fixed with new clothes. Since this wasn’t my first money trigger rodeo, I realized that my urge to shop wasn’t about clothes (it never is). It was about me not feeling great in my post-baby body. Once I had that ah-ha moment I was able to put together a plan that solved my true problem. Instead of a shopping spree, I allocated money in my budget for work out classes, started shopping more at Whole Foods and booked overdue self care appointments. New clothes did figure into the equation, but in a more calculated way. I got rid of some things, made a list of what I needed and shopped to fill the gaps. When I did shop, I was able to do it guilt free, knowing I was being smart about my spending and satisfying a true need. Its important to identify and understand your own 12