Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 11

Drop it like it’s HOT by Jamie Lee T he online world has gone from being a strange new phenomenon to being a stable, high-income career for many. At 18 years old I realized my passion was to become apart of this quickly growing movement. I had a love for business and the drive to do whatever it took. I spent the next 2 years taking 24 specialized online classes to learn business law, e-commerce, social media and website development. While I was obsessing over the latest social media trends, I stumbled across something called drop shipping. It quickly became the basis for my future businesses and goals. Drop Shipping is when you start an online e-commerce business selling goods to people across the world via a manufacturer who makes and ships the goods for you. Your role is to add product and descriptions to your online 7F&RB&W@W"'W6W72F&VvF&vWFVB66VFG2vVR6VFRvG2RFRFRf&FFWvfRRg&W"7F&RBVrBFW"Vf7GW&W'2vV'6FRFRVf7GW&W FVFW2WBFR67BbFRvG2B62Bf RvR^( &RVgBvFFR&fBN( 27&VF&ǐG2fbB&V2"&VVfG2vVRF@6'&V7FǒF27&VF&Rvb7F'Fr'W6W726VG0FvBF&RG'VRf"'WBFW&R&RF&GV6W'2v'&r֖Ɩ2V6Fg&ЦVFR7F&W2FR&W7BvFv&WBB2F7&VFR'&BFB&V6W2vVv@G'W7FVBFBvR6fR7F&R6琧FBvw&rBR672FvFW"6G&VFR&W7B'B2FBB6&RFRƖRञ( fR&V6R7&VF&ǒ76FR&WBrBג&W76&ƗGFFV6G&6rF2VR276&R&V6W6RF&Vvǐ&VƖWfRB6VB6vRƗfW2FW&R2b6W'6P6G&fW'7fW"G&6r2VP&VƖWfRFBN( 2'V6bVR6VƖrfW &6VB6W6R7&vWfW"FB2BFR66RBǒ&R7BbFRvG27&VF&ǒvVFRVRf&vWBrbW"&pR'&G2&RFR6v6FPg&FBBG&6W'2W6R6W6RvG2bFV7&VFRBG&6B6'N( 2F@&RFRW&RFRU2G&6rvR6RN( 2WF@WV7WF2f6WG2FBfRF&RVFW'7FBf'7B&Vf&RFfrg&6rFR&v@6RFVFW'7FFrrF6WBWFRVG2BF&vWFrG26'&V7FǒFW&R2B`FFWF2FBbFRw&r66W6RRFf