Badassery Magazine Issue 2 July - Page 10

in, making it difficult to focus on your work. 6. SET LIMITS. About the Author Working from home can create some blurred lines and grey areas in your day-to-day life. Just as important as it is to focus on your work, you have to be able to draw the line and enjoy your time off at home. It’s all too easy to pop into your office and send some emails or update your social media channels from your phone, but your time off is your chance to recharge your batteries, spend time with your friends and family, and engage in some hugely important self-care. Even though working from home can be difficult it can also be pretty great. With the aforementioned tips, you can turn your home work experience into a badass venue for all your awesome business successes. Amy Eaton, aside from being an adventurer, Starbucks addict, and dog mom, is a Toronto-based editorial photographer and founder/ designer of the socially responsible clothing company Altruist Apparel. Through Altruist Apparel, Amy donates 15% of her proceeds to Plan International’s Because I Am A Girl project to help girls in developing countries gain safe access to education, healthcare, and safe living. As a photographer Amy works with bloggers, businesses, and brands to create killer visual content with a strong branding message for their blogs, websites, and social media channels. 9   