Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 77

L ast year I was asked who my favorite client was. Did I have a particular niche? At that time I hadn't thought about it at all. I knew I loved working with first- time homebuyers and felt a special connection with them, but I hadn't thought about it in detail before. Here's how this fun (and helpful!) journey began! I went to an event where Deb- ra Trappen, of d11 Consulting, was speaking. Guess what her topic was; Finding your niche - your fa- vorite client. She had us do a quick exercise asking us to think of our last favorite five clients. She won- dered who the five clients were that we had enjoyed working with the most? Who did we miss work- ing with once the transaction was over? Instantly I thought of at least five different women that I had helped with home financing. Some needed to refinance to get their ex- husband off the title; others had to refinance to pull cash out to start a dream business. Others had lost a home several years ago and had only dreamed of owning their own home again. One bought a house for her boys and the grandchildren she was raising. owed - rebuilding their lives. Get- ting a mortgage on their own was a huge step, and they needed a loan officer they could trust. Since that event, I've worked hard to figure out how do I find more of these women. How do I get my name out there as someone who wants to make a point of connecting and helping these women? I've been amazed how by sharing my heart, I’m finding just how many people agree that this is a real need. Too many of these women get pushed aside because it does take a little more effort to help them get financing. Sometimes it takes out of the box thinking as to how we can get them approved. Oth- er times it just takes a little com- passion to genuinely care for these women and their families and sin- cerely want to get them in their own homes again. When I help these women get (or keep), their homes it is incredibly rewarding. I feel so thankful because they are The more I thought about it, the more interested I was to try to fig- ure this out further. It made sense that if I worked to attract my 'niche' client... I would enjoy what I do that much more! So I became de- termined to narrow down just ex- actly who that favorite client was... and how to find more of them! My business coach Jessica Butts of 'Front Seat Life' was extremely helpful in me fine-tuning it even further. I'm in her group coaching, and our Mastermind groups were so helpful as well. My niche was women - single, divorced or wid- 76