Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 74

So, third, I limit the amount of time I will wallow. I allow myself wal- lowing time – without it, I have found I cannot really come back up to the positive. I, myself per- sonally, acutely need to acknowl- edge and affirm the negative emo- tions so that I can then… it’s a desperate pursuit, clinging to anything that will get my mind off the wallowing. And the more I redirect, the easier it becomes to use that productively. A little as an escape, but it really has become a means to reconnecting with my stronger side. Fourth, redirect. I find something else to do. Ideally, something that I feel strong and powerful and com- petent on. To remind myself: this. This is what I am good at, and this is leading me somewhere, even if I don’t know where exactly yet. I enter into the reality that this task is productive toward a positive end of building my castle. Because I’m a fucking princess, dammit. I’m going to live in a castle that I build my damn self. I’m not going to lie to you: there are times it’s more difficult to find something that feeds back into those positive feel- ings of self-efficacy. Sometimes Fifth, I check back in from time to time to see if those negative feel- ings need attention. Sometimes they dissolve quickly and quiet- ly. Sometimes they need further attention – but again, I limit the amount of time I spend on them. I vent, I cry, I scream if necessary. And then I find something else to do. Because I’m an INFP – I live in- side my head endlessly, creating worlds and scenarios that most- ly never happen. But it is my way of processing through a world rife with stimuli to make sense of my place. This week was a particularly tough one – on both personal and pro- fessional levels. I have a lot of prospects initiated and am ei- ther waiting to hear back or have heard “I went a different way” or “I’m slammed right now; check back with me on {date}”. And so I got together with two other very badass independent women busi- ness owners to discuss new ideas for collaborative projec ̸$)Ѽٔѡȁѡ́ͼ$eЁ)܁͕ѼЁՍѼѡ)ٽѕѥ٥䁅ȸ)$Ёѡ́䁍)ѼՔɽ́ѡЁ)ݕəհѕи)Սѥٔ)$ɕѡѱͥȰٕ)ݡͽѡ̸͔%'eٔ)Յѕ䁑ѡٔѡ)́eЁЁ́Ս+"d)'eٕٔIȁٕȀЁ啅̰ѡ՝$ɕ܁ͥ )ɐ ́5䁕ɥѕ́ɽѡѼɅѼ)ٕͥ́и͕ɽչٕ͡ȵٕȰ'e)ձѥͥѡɕݡե䁑ɕ́ɕȁ̸ͥ)Ёͥ́ݹȰ$ѡȁɕɕ́ɕѡȁ̴)ͅɥѡȁɕѥѡѱՔѡȁ٥̸ͥ)M!()=ɕ݅́ѼɥѕȰѼݥЁɥ锁 ȴ)]5饹è؁ɥѥѕЁݥѠѡ՝$)ͥȁ͕ЄѽѕȰ$ٔѼѡɥЁٽѡɥ)ɅѥٔѡɥЁݽɑ́ѼɥѡѼ)ͽѡɹѥй