Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 70

that I didn’t notice it beforehand. Celia was awesome. She gave me more books and pointed me in the right direction. business and animal related top- ics. I wasn’t alone. So many of my colleagues were looking for the same information. In addition to working and net- working with some knowledge- able locals, I took two separate crystal certification programs, one of which is recognized by the World Metaphysical Association (WMA). I was the first Advanced Crystal Master through the re- nowned Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. The WMA is sort of the American Medical Association of the alternate therapy world. From there I went on through all the levels of Reiki to become a Reiki Master. I haven’t stopped learning since. In addition, I am both a Mu- nay Ki and Integrated Energy prac- titioner. Who know what I’ll learn tomorrow! I knew that’s where my path was taking me. While it was tough finding infor- mation on energetic practices for people, it was even harder to find I’m already a nationally recognized speaker in the professional pet industry. I teach business, safe- ty, and handling to pet groomers. Why not adapt that to energetic practitioners. So, I did and Pawsitive Educational Training was born! Let’s get back to Marcus for a mo- ment. On primarily crystal therapy in conjunction with traditional vet- erinary medicine, Marcus not only improved, but also thrived. Before he crossed over at 12, Marcus no longer needed to take medication for Cushings and his insulin was cut by 25%. My veterinarian was amazed and his staff now asks my opinion on crystals for themselves. My husband went from looking at the pricing for insane asylums to being one of my biggest support- ers. Every step I took was difficult as I not only had to overcome my long held beliefs that this was hooey, but also look deep into myself for that push of confidence to keep going when those around me were ridiculing me. Here I am 10 years later and so grateful to that person I was who had the courage to follow their dreams. If you only gleam one nugget of information from this ar- ticle, it’s to follow your path. Your 10-year future self will thank you for it.  Mary is the ݹȁAͥѥٔՍѥQɅȁ)ͽɍȁ䰁ɑɕͥٔє)ݽɭ́͡ȁѡɽͥMɥѕ́ȁɽ)ȁQɽȁ9Ʌ݅́饹́ݕ́)Ё́ɥѥѡȁѼ͕ٕɅɥ)饹̸)ͥѥٕ  )5=Օ(