Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 69

A t one time, I would have rolled my eyes at any- thing metaphysical. I was a biology and chemistry major in college. If it was not document- ed within the science community, then it held no weight in my eyes. Then Marcus got sick. Marcus, AKA the Love Bug, was my chronically ill and not responding well to traditional veterinary medi- cine 7 year-old miniature pinscher. We couldn’t get Marcus stabilized. His medications were increasing every month. His prognosis wasn’t looking too good. Sooo, I’m driving along and pre- occupied with what was going on in my life. I found myself in the parking lot of a New Age store near where I lived. Was always curious about it, but never had the time to stop in. To this day, I don’t even remember pulling into the lot. But there I was, parked with the engine shut off. I walked in and right over to the bins of tumbled stones and picked out several that I liked. They were pret- ty and I simply considered them worry stones. I’m sure I smirked at the metaphysical chart. They were kept them in my jeans pocket and in a couple of weeks I began to notice some very pos- itive changes in my outlook. I Goo- gled the stones and found that the metaphysical properties I poo poo-ed when I bought them cor- responded exactly to the changes I was experiencing. That got my attention! I went back to the store and bought a couple of books and began to experiment with my own dogs and myself. Not my husband though. I’m pretty sure he thought I lost it and was possibly contemplating some sort of intervention. After a couple of months, Marcus stabi- lized. He wasn’t getting worse, but maybe all it was that we managed to find the right dosage. I started to look around for some local people who I could learn from, as there were no college or continuing education courses on the subject I could find. I didn’t even know where to begin. But I knew I needed to learn more. It’s amazing what the universe provides when you clearly state your needs. I was sitting in the kitchen of one of my mobile pet grooming clients having a cup of coffee like I had been doing for the last 10 years, when I noticed all the rocks and crystals all over her house. Funny 68