Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 66

before your launch to promote. If you don’t and you just throw your new shit out there, you haven’t given yourself enough time to suc- ceed! Create HYPE about what you’ve got! Just writing out a short promo strategy (bullet points are enough), that you can use on your own so- cial media and in FB Groups where you know your audience hang out means you know your ‘where and when’. them out! unsubscribed! Have a DIFFERENT email automa- tion strategy: Seriously, put a delay of 3-5 days between EACH EMAIL. Why? You’re giving your audience a chance to DIGEST what you’ve said; AND you’re bouncing into their inbox over a few weeks (in- stead of just ONE WEEK). If you’re sat there right now say- ing, “Sian, I don’t think this’ll work for me”, just try during your next launch and see what difference it makes! I don’t know about you, but I get seriously pissed off when I opt-in for something, then get bombard- ed with DAILY EMAILS! Yes, ev- erybody tells you that this is what you should do, but my conver- sion rate is HIGHER when I spread Remember the freebie you of- fered? Allow your audience to USE IT, before hitting them with upsell opps for other products and ser- vices. This alone can add 15% to your conversion rate... all because you didn’t piss them off and they Make your sales page or funnel EASY to navigate – that includes having a CTA that is so OBVIOUS that NOBODY will miss it! Oh, and if you want more of my ‘secrets’, come and join The Con- ve