Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 65

C onversions: we all WANT them; and, we purchase all the ‘right’ tools to ‘make it happen’. We ALL USE promo strategies, automated email sequences and sales funnels (with freebie opt- ins, tripwires, mid-range products and that all important high-ticket product) in one way or another. So, why is it that as females, we find it easier to say fuck?! During my Badassery Interview with Sa- mantha Parker, she totally hit it on the head: confidence. I also know from experience, that it’s a fear of failure that keeps us quiet – just in case it doesn’t work! What do I mean by that? Well, it’s easy to invite people (by that I mean friends and family) to ‘like’ our FB Biz Pages or join our FB Groups. They give us numbers, but are they gonna be part of your cli- ent base? No? Seriously, stop do- ing it! Think about your WHY... Work on your WHO from that... Then, net- work, engage and promote your- self in the places where YOUR au- dience WILL be hanging out! Yeah, your ‘likes’ might take a bit longer to achieve, but then they’re ‘actual’ biz likes – remember, your organic growth is what will make this all work. Be honest with YOURSELF: When I started to research the dif- ference between male and female entrepreneurs, I couldn’t believe the percentile difference I was seeing in conversion rates... I mean WTF?! How is it that a male can convert at 34%, while most females get caught at the 11% bracket? It’s not like women have ‘less’ to offer: it come down to confidence and fear. So, what do you do? You need to be able to say conversion and fuck in the same sentence... You know, kinda like, “fuck it, I will convert just as high as any man out there” . I’m literally about to lay out MY own step-by-step process below on how you can make a difference to your own conversion rates! Get clear AF on your audience: We all want to grow our audienc- es. But... are you going about it the ‘right’ way? Does your audience know who you are? Are you showing up CONSIS- TENTLY so that people know who you are? Do they know WHAT you do? Have you given them a chance see YOU? Get clear AF about what you are going to be DELIVERING: Take a long hard look at what you’re already offering – does it need to change? If it does, don’t procrastinate over it, look at what your audience is BEGGING you for and tweak what you’ve ALREADY got! Think about new launches – what can you do to make it so EPIC that clients WILL be biting your hand off? Have you paid attention to what your audience is SCREAMING for? Tailor your NEW products or ser- vices in a way that it fits! Just being clear about what you deliver alone makes a difference to your conversion rate, all because you’re looking at it from a slightly different perspective. Work out your sales strategy: This is where it comes down to whether this is your zone of genius, or if you’ll need a little bit of help to make the magic happen! The first part is simple (I say ‘sim- ple’, because it’s what everybody tells you to do): • • • • Know the PAIN POINT of your audience Know their VISION Show how you fill the GAP Showcase the BENEFITS of what you’re offering Where does my advice become different? NOW! Sometimes, you just want to throw that high-ticket product or service out there with nothing in-between. Without stepping stones, you’re gonna scare those clients and cus- tomers away, because they’ll sit there and think, “Shit, I want that, but... I can’t afford it”. So, what do you do? Have more than ONE THING on offer – if you have those free and lower price things to offer first, you’re showing that you’re an EX- PERT at what you do AND shows you know how to provide some SERIOUS VALUE: you’re giving ANYBODY a chance to become a client (not just those with a TON OF CASH) - this alone will change your conversion rate, all because you’ve offered more than one thing! Give yourself a decent lead time 64