Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 58

it my project to support those women who were doing and mak- ing way cooler things than I could ever dream. If I couldn't build it myself, I'd participate by ensuring that those who were building had a platform to sell and a place to promote their work. In August, I began aggressively searching out women who might want to participate as vendors in small market, hoping for at least 15. I was overwhelmed by the ap- plications of over fifty women. I reached out to a local historic ven- ue, who enthusiastically offered us a discounted rate when I explained our mission. Everywhere, women and men were eager to partici- pate or attend. The momentum of the event took on a life of its own, garnering RSVPs from over 4,000 interested people. On the day of the event, which took the name of Boston Women's Market, four lo- cal media org anizations turned up to cover the crowd and shine the spotlight on the female business- women The Boston Women's market was, for me, just as much an attempt at community building as it was a nod to the creativity and entrepre- neurialism of the women around me. Yet, as it grew it became something more for me and for the community it aimed to serve. People not only wanted to be apart of it, they were willing to volunteer their manpower for free. We're selling t-shirts. We're tripling our promotional reach on social media. We're planning two more markets, and we're securing funding to keep costs low for our female vendors. We've morphed from a market to a community whose mission it is to smash ceilings, build bridges, and raise ladders for women with big dreams and small resources. me as well. In aiming to support the business ventures of others, I grew my own set of business am- bitions and my own entrepreneur- ial dreams. In investing in other women, I found my tribe and I feel the sunshine of that sisterhood ev- ery single day. I've learned a les- son I wish it did not take me twen- ty-five years to learn: We manifest our own greatness when we invest in the greatness of other badasses. On the off chance I bump into phony Mrs. Clinton again, I'd have a different answer for her: We find strength in the company of other women.  It took on a special significance for Molly Leger is a middle school teacher, a Massachusetts Policy Fellow, and the editor of Educator Unbound. In 2017, she founded The Boston Women's Market with the aim of promoting the work of and preserving space for female businesswomen, artists, and entrepreneurs in the New England area. In her free time, she likes to wear as little clothes as possible and drink inordinate amounts of clothing. Follow the Market on Instagram via bostonwomens- market. Follow the clothes-less caffeine drinking at mariluizleg. Molly Leger 57 