Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 57

O ver a year ago, in the mid- dle of Manhattan, Hilary Clinton asked for my inter- view. In her signature pantsuit and fol- lowed by an anxious looking cam- eraman, she paused her busy PR schedule, and in a voice both shrill and flat, she asked me a few ques- tions. At the end, she gave me her business card, and then she fell back into the crowd of sign-hold- ers and chant starters. Okay, was she the real HRC? No. She was the kind of cheap imita- tion you might find on the Vegas Strip or at a political Cosplay con- vention. But that day, presented with a publicity opportunity she couldn't pass up, she was in front of me, asking "So, why are you here today?" I was storming Manhattan in the company of thousands because our newly elected President was a bigot, an incompetent, and a sex- ual predator. I was there because I wanted to voice my beliefs in immigrant rights, in reproductive freedom, and in environmental justice. But though I came en- raged, I was surprised how quick- ly that furious anger melted away. Standing amongst thousands of my fellow women, I felt drunk on the force of our numbers and the strength of our voices. I didn't know those women, but I felt the sense of community. When I boarded my bus back to Boston, I did so aware that my daily life was lacking the fierce sisterhood that comes from basking in the light of badass women. Returning to routine, I began to adjust the lens in which I saw the women around me. I became more and more appreciative of their strength and creativity, in all its different forms. My best friend coded in the day and rallied for refugees at night. My younger sister was hosting feminist read- ings while living out her dream of environmental law. The women who popped up on my Instagram were creating, baking, and building amazing things. And I? I was inspired. I wasn't one of them. I wasn't building a busi- ness or baking batches of kom- bucha. The extent of my creativity was a brief stint in scarf knitting. But the more I took notice, the more amazed I became. These ba- dass women deserve some rec- ognition. Amidst all the reasons to take the path of least resistance, they chose challenge and the diffi- culties of pursuing big dreams. So, I decided to contribute in the only way I knew how. I made 56