Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 48

verses the behavior itself things began to really change for me. By focusing on my reaction, I was able to hold myself accountable for my actions as the MOM and parent. I would remind myself to avoid do- ing things that would encourage the negative behavior or action. 2. DON’T ALLOW YOUR SELF- ESTEEM BE IMPACTED BY WHAT YOUR CHILD DOES OR DOESN’T DO. When deciding to start a fam- ily and have children, no one says, “I want to birth disrespect- ful, rude, and hard headed chil- dren.” At least I didn’t. Let’s be honest….we all want to WIN in the parenting department. No matter how great of a MOM or Dad one is, it’s hurtful when your child goes against the grain. Do me a favor…..whatever you do….. DON’T beat yourself up! It’s easy to do when in this situation. Remem- ber, your children’s behavior are NOT a reflection of who you are. So many times, to make you feel your kids aren’t Don’t let that shit people try bad when like theirs. bother you. Know that you are a great MOM despite your children’s behavior and actions! Know that your kiddo is probably just as upset as you are. Forget others…..encourage your- self! Remind yourself that you’ve done your best and you can’t wear the articles of SHAME be- cause your kiddo is DIFFERENT. So chin up…..and rock Mother- hood like the badass you really are. 3. JOURNAL 47 I think a good journal can solve many problems. Journaling provides you with the ability to get your thoughts and feelings out; without them ever coming back to haunt you. thought. Upon reflecting on a few entries, I was actually glad I choose to journal instead of doing anything else. When journaling…… no one knows of your thoughts but you! Journaling helped me to realize that some things weren’t as bad or as serious as I may have initially 4. CALL A FRIEND OR A SUPPORT Man oh man! This action has saved