Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 47

I f you utilize social me- dia, I’m sure you can re- late to what I’m about to say. You log onto to Facebook, scroll through your timeline, just to see post after post of how well ev- eryone else’s children are doing. Little Johnny made straight A’s. Your neighbor’s kid just landed the solo part in the upcoming piano recital. Little Tammy made the soccer team. Meanwhile, you’re simply just try- ing to get your kids to wash the dishes without talking back & roll- ing their eyes. Without realizing it, you begin to become cynical and almost resentful that your kiddo is revolting every chance they get. Ever thought to yourself, “Where do Moms going through the most with their kiddos turn?” Hell, I have. In the spirit of transparency, I’d like to share some things with you. You see my daughter decided around the age of twelve that she wanted to test every boundary my husband and I had ever set. I would reflect on her behavior some days and just want to SCREAM. Before, I became a business coach for online MomPreneurs I was a Social Worker. Needless to say, I have years of experience working with troubled youth and dysfunc- tional families. Never in a million years did I think I’d need to utilize my skills as a Social Worker within my home. You’d think with all of my education & experience, I shouldn’t be able to relate to such a topic. I would find myself often times saying, “God has a sense of hu- mor. While I am no longer working as a Social Worker, I find myself frequently revisiting social work interventions and techniques. I never thought I’d see these be- haviors displayed in MY HOUSE.” Well, once I got over the fact that my kiddo was trying to reb- el….I had to whip myself in or- der to be able to appropriately manage the behaviors presented. Listed below are a few of the th ́$ѼЁɥ́ݡ)$Ё$ձeЁхѼɔ)ѡ)٥Ʌ)ͽ(ĸ= UL=8e=UHI Q%=8)5=IQ!8e=UH-%L) !Y%=H)=$хѕͥɔ)5dI Q%=8Ѽѡ٥(