Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 39

T he popular saying, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are,” may not always be true - but it does have a point. The type of people you surround yourself with can heavily influence your perspective. will set a good example or even push you towards that end. ant trait if you want to live a suc- cessful and fulfilling life. So if you want to become more successful in life, you need to sur- round yourself with the right types of people, and those are: The Ideal Mentor In times of trouble and confusion, a friend can be your immediate confidante, and the advice they give will of course influence your course of action or attitude to- wards the problem. Your friends are also a good source of motiva- tion and inspiration, because see- ing them working hard towards their own dreams can help you as- pire to move forward too. The Inquisitive Being in bad company will also affect you negatively too. If your friends are more of the happy-go- lucky type, chances are, you won’t be inclined to explore your goals and aspirations because no one Being with people who are natural- ly curious and are wisdom-seekers can help expand your own hori- zon and perspective in life. These people can help you see different angles of a problem and come up with better solutions, they can also help you achieve goals through a step by step process - trying ev- erything from Plan A to Z just to ensure that the desired results are achieved. For inquisitive people, learning never stops because it is a lifelong process - and every expe- rience is a chance to acquire more knowledge. This is a very imp ܝ BY[H\H[H]ۙ\Y\][HX[H[H[BX\]\K\[\[\ Hž[HYZ\HH\Z[\ۈ]B[Y[[H]HHXX B\ٙXHXYYH܈ž[HYH^H\HH[[YY\[[H[][H\\˜HY[܈ H܈]H\HX\ BH[[][H[H™[][]K\H[\^Z[\‹H\ZH][[[HXZH]B]\Y[H[H[ܙH\Bۘ[\X\XKB[HYX[\ۈ[H[˜H HY[ܜ\\H\^H™ˈHY[܈\Y[ۙH[\ۘ[HZYH[HX]H[˜[]وH[\H܈Y[][H\H[\\Y[KB