Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 36

problems of your ideal clients. If you're 100% convinced it can help people, you will find it a lot easier to pick up the phone. The goal is to come from a place of service. You cannot feel desperate for the sale and money, or you're going to make sales where they benefit only you and not the per- son you're selling to. I know that's tough, but keep at it. The better you get and the more income you have flowing in, the less that feel- ing will be there. clarity whether your service or product would solve their need. You aren't there to manipulate. You're guiding. This involves learn- ing the right flow of conversation, asking the right questions, be- ing an expert they can trust, and studying your own performance to make changes and improvements as necessary. You'll also need to know your product inside and out and how it relates to the needs and You need to kick that impostor syndrome to the curb and then send the feeling that you don't de- serve to be paid well for work or expertise flying after it. You are valuable. If you are providing qual- ity products with integrity, you de- serve a fair and abundant amount of payment in return. Sales make everything happen. Go offer the world your best and let the results speak for themselves.  Christen has brought together her teaching background, expe- rience in the wedding industry, and love for connecting peo- ple together to find her home in the world of creative business coaching. With a focus on more (and more authentic) sales, pricing and packaging, profitable business strategies, and abundant goals and success mindset work, she has a practical approach and a commitment to building long term foundations that drive growth for her clients for years. She loves working with business owners who are determined to make some noise and make a difference. Christen Schneider 35   