Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 35

I hear so many clients and busi- ness owners with very specific and heart felt goals to grow their business, but so few pair it with the desire to get better at making the sale. There is no exchange of com- modity or time that doesn't start with someone selling something. It doesn't matter if it's for a charity, a business, a social group...someone is convincing the other party to agree to a decision. Money simply doesn't move unless something is sold. Grab a piece of paper and pen. For the next 10 seconds, I want you to write down every thought that pops up when you read this list of words: Sales Pitch Cold call Payment Sales person Closing There are so many layers hidden in your answer. First, look at how you perceive sales. Is it shady? Stressful? Hard? Exciting? Second, there are your feelings about your current approach to sales. Do you feel guilty you don't do it? Or that you do? Are you wor- ried you suck at it? And third, there's what you be- lieve about your potential client's feelings about it. Are you worried they're offended? Do you feel like they're suspicious? Can you tell they can't wait to sign on the dot- ted line? Feelings are just feelings. There's nothing wrong with feeling any particular way, but how you allow it to influence your actions is on you. You can push through any- way. You can train your mind to settle on new feelings by creating situations that result in the kind of feeling you want to foster. You are in charge of you, period. Which takes us back to how your clients feel. You can't control how someone receives something. You should be thoughtful, but other people's responses are based on decades of life experiences. You have about a fingernail's width of influence on the overall paradigm they function in on a daily basis. Your 5 minute conversation isn't the real cause of their emotions around sales. This means you have a load of in- ner work to do to start pursuing sales in a positive, authentic, and get-serious-and-grow kind of way. So you need to STOP WOR- RYING ABOUT BEING TOO SALESY. There's no such thing. There's be- ing in service or being selfish. Sales is just an exchange. If you are help- ing the people you work with, you better damn well be trying to do it as often as possible. If you're just pounding prospects with things that benefit you at their expense, you're being selfish. But that's not sales's fault, it's yours. Sales is a noun. It's an event. The good vs bad of it comes from your inten- tion, your integrity, and the value of your delivery of the goods. We avoid sales so constantly be- cause of money mindset issues buried deep down in our being. We're not sold on our own worth 100% of the time. And sometimes we're just lazy. We've been told over and over again that helping isn't helping if it ZY܈ X\KIܙHZ[]\[ۙH[IšYY[IܙH\\[]\Y\\ \\][YX\[ۙ\[\HB]ٙZ[]\[\\\˜Hٙ\[ۘ[[][˂[[H[XY[H\Z[B[\[HX[ܛ] B[\[Hܛ\HܙH\™XH[[X[[HH\B[ۙ^H[[\YYYX]܈[[H\Y\œ]Z]Hܜܘ]H؈ܛKB\]\]\\[ܝ\[܈[[IY[[B[\Hۙ\][Y^B[\H^XHH[YO’Y[H\H][[YK\\\܈[[[ܙX][Y][[H\\HHZY [HXH[[Hܚ]HۂZ[[\[YH[[B[[ۙ\܈]\[[\˜۝\][ۜ]\H[ܙB[HXXH[K]YX[[B[H[[ˈ]]\KX]] XZH[[[Y\Y\ˈ\[HKBY]H[[HY\[H[B[S X]\H[H\H[[[KY[H\[ [H[HY\[][]\[H[HY\[]œ[H]\Y][˂Y[H\H۝[Y[\ BX[XZHY[ۙH\Y\X[Y\HH؛[K܈[[H[ܙH[YK[HY[[KY[Z[[\[ق] H^H][X[H]]][X[\\YH[]][X[ۈY[\KX\š[[H[ݙH\H[\]]HY[ܘ[[YY[[H܈YX\YH]