Badassery Magazine February 2018 Issue 21 - Page 2

Inside this Issue 3 Letter from the Editor 53 Happy 2nd Birthday to Me 29 Learning from a Master: How My Transgender Son Taught Me Self- Love 55 In The Company of Other Women 33 Building Your Sales Mindset 59 Badass Bosses Spotlights 37 3 Types of People You Should Hang Out with to Have a Successful Life 63 Why it's easier to say FUCK 41 Write, Edit, Repeat: The Daily Craft Of Writing 67 Following Your Path 45 5 Things To Do when You Feel like You are Failing in the “MOM” Depart- ment 71 How Do Entrepreneurs Keep Their Confidence Up? (Spoiler Alert: We Don’t) 49 On Your Journey from Caterpillar to Butterfly, Don't Overlook the Cocoon 75 Who is your Favorite Client? On the Cover Love Your Body Page 7 Photography by Camille Zolman 1