Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 76

mentor once told me, you aren’t truly successful in business until you have a hate webpage. I’m not sure about this but I do know that the more successful you are, the more you are able to help others. Being of service is one of the reasons we are here. I believe success is defined by how we live our lives and to what extent we are fulfilling our purpose. The more we live our lives on purpose, the more the universe conspires to bring you more so you can. In the end, our lives will be measured by one sentence… two if we are lucky. Pick your sentence TODAY! What do you want to be remembered for? Let THIS drive you past fears. 4. Procrastination: Are you the type of person that works best under pressure or under a dead- 75 line? If the closer to the deadline, the more creative and productive you get, think about it in terms of law of attraction. When we procrastinate, we create a vibra- tion of delay. The truth is when we take time ahead of time to do something important; we create more space for good to come to us. We are also more productive. Next time you find yourself pro- crastinating in getting something done, set a block of time aside and get it DONE… then tell me how great you feel afterwards. Another way to think of procras- tination is that it could be an intuitive nudge that “it” isn’t that important after all. If you don’t get “it” done in a reasonable amount of time, take it off your list. Nobody needs reminders of things that don’t serve them. 5. People Pleasing: Do you put others first? Do you say YES to things you really want to say NO to? Are you afraid of what others think of you? The reality is what others think of you is truly none of your business. Also, you can’t effectively take care of others when you don’t take care of yourself first. Practice extreme self-care. When you say NO to the wrong things, you make room for the right YES’s to come into your life. Listen more to your internal guidance system. Es- tablish healthy boundaries and practice extreme self-care. 6. Perfectionism: Perfectionism shows up in so many ways. It shows up when we don’t delegate because others won’t do some- thing ‘the right way’. It shows up when we don’t release that