Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 75

A new year is a good time to determine our focus for the year. As you look at your 2018 goals, here are 6 things to give up so you can actually get the important things done: 1. Doubting Yourself: This is a tough one to conquer, isn’t it!?! We can be our own worst critic. We doubt ourselves in so many ways. First, we doubt our deci- sions and analyze the hell out of things. I call this analysis paral- ysis. The truth is when we are faced with a decision; usually the first thought that we think is our intuition trying to guide us. When we start letting the inter- nal and external chatter sway us, we get stuck. Next time you find yourself in the circle of self- doubt, say “cancel” and re-frame the situation in a positive way. Affirm your true worth because the fact is you were made for greatness! Trust that. 2. Negative Thinking: When we doubt ourselves, we question our divine source. When we get into the cycle of negative thinking, this turns into negative habits, which turns into beliefs and it’s all just one vicious cycle that’s difficult to break. We have over 65,000 thoughts a day and most of them are negative. Worse, these thoughts are mostly sub- conscious. The good news is you can change this. It takes deliberate practice and an in- tention to think positively. Next time you hear yourself think or say something negative, stop yourself by affirming “cancel” or “stop” followed by saying the opposite. Start with the words I AM… “I am” are two of the most powerful words in the universe so pay special attention to what follows these two powerful words. Alternatively, you can say, “I choose…” and notice how your energy shifts. 3. Worry and Fear: Ah, where worry and fear is concerned, the struggle can be real. When we worry we aren’t in a state of joy or gratitude. We can only feel one thing at a time. When we are afraid, we lack trust. Trust in God/Universe, ourselves, life, and others. Think about the last time you worried about some- thing. The actual outcome was probably nowhere near what was in your head, right? When it comes to failure, I believe we don’t fail. We are simply finding one more thing that won’t work. That means you are one step closer to success. Sometimes, when we are afraid of failure, that’s a clue that we should go for it and stretch ourselves. I challenge you to feel the fear and have the courage to work through it as the other side of fear is success! There is so much going on when we are afraid of success. Our fear can be around being judged by others. The more suc- cessful you are, the more visible you are and the more your life is open to being criticized. A 74