Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 72

control. Recognize the deep need for control and surrender to the knowledge that change is going to happen and there are things in life we have no control over. While this knowledge can lead to feelings of powerlessness, understand that surrender and acceptance doesn’t mean that you are totally powerless. On the contrary, you are very powerful and it is important to trust that things are going to get better for you. Do what you can to sur- render to the mystery that is life and also maintain your positive thoughts. Believe that the overall theme of life is a positive one and trust that surrendering control will lead to positive outcomes. The last week of December con- tinues the theme from the first week of community and support. This week you will receive im- portant advice, assistance and/ or help from another. It is one of those serendipitous events that leads to the answer of your prayers. Revel in the community around you and spread as much love and kindness as you can. When you do so, you will receive triple the amount you bestowed in return. The trick this week is to remember the lessons from the first week and receive the help that is offered. You must take action and receive in order for the miracles to happen. Practice graciously receiving this week and see how serendipity seems to happen naturally for you. Overall, have a wonderful month of December and a very Happy Holidays! Want more guidance for 2018? You can book your complete reading for 2018 at today! WEEK 4 (DECEMBER 24TH - DECEMBER 31ST)  About the Author Megan is an intuitive healer, witch, and tarot reader. When she isn’t playing with her fur babies, Megan loves to spend time in the mountains, cook delicious healthy food, create her custom lunar sprays for clients and spend time with her amazing husband Matt. 71   