Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 68

of things! By reviewing your goal and plan daily; and reflecting on your days, you start doing what needs to be done – almost on auto-pi- lot. GONE are those days of pro- crastination! Sure, you may have the occasional “off” moment, but those don’t last… Soon enough you find yourself asking “is this what I need to do to get where I want to go”? That is why I started by asking if you journaled. For me it’s CRU- CIAL for your personal success. Writing down what went well allows you to BEAT your inner critic, that sits there saying, “naaah… you won’t get it done” because you’ll see your progress before your eyes. Writing down what went wrong and why, or how to learn from it, beats your inner critic again, be- cause you don’t let a good learn- ing moment go to waste. A journal with MORE than just ideas or thoughts; with a shit load of gratitude, celebrations of progress and learnings - pure gold! You know what else is pure gold? Holding your OWN product in your hand, being able to share it with others AND working with it yourself on a daily basis… Because? This is WHY I created the journal, to do better EVERY day… DAY BY DAY… And, I want this feeling, the feeling of com- pleting your own side-project or side-hustle for all of you. It’s so fucking energising and your self-esteem grows: you’ll WANT more…. You’ll DO more! a mastermind meeting, a long time ago now, I was asked to explain my vision behind the journal and the initial HUGE idea. When I was done explain- ing what I now call the Day by Day method, someone said, “you should teach courses on this subject…!”. My first response back then? “There is no way I am cut out to do shit like that…” But… you and I now know, we are an UNSTOPPABLE force and we ARE getting this shit done! It's a simple trick – where you learn to get projects done; and obviously, we all have so many ideas… let’s get them done!!  Now my self-esteem has grown, I’m onto the next project of mine, the one I’d sat here post- poning (for quite a while). During About the Author Tanja de Bie-van Leeuwen has a passion for design- ing problem solving tools, that are simple to use; but allow everyone to be super productive and realize their vision. Tanja is now taking that one step further by coach- ing people to find that one idea that will take their side-hustle from dream to done in just 13-weeks.     67