Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 67

When I chatted to some of my friends again, I discovered that none of them had a ‘plan’ for the future either. my needs to go to work” type Mom all the time. I seriously did not want to be stressing over income while balancing my life. “Why bother? Nobody can pre- dict the future so “live in the moment, man”. The answer was, as many times before: multiple streams of income. Yep, working on those ideas of mine (again)… Maybe I’m just an overly emo- tional person, but hearing this drove me totally crazy again! First, I decided I needed some new people in my life... Then, I wondered why we all seem to have the same basic program- ming: assuming nothing will go as you want, so that when the shit hits the fan, you won’t be disappointed. I had a similar mindset but it took a big personal life changing event to get my head into the game… Two years ago, my wife and I became Moms to twin girls. Kids! As soon as H[^H\š[^H\\Hۙ]ΈH[œX\[\ۙ\XBHH]\[\]\ˋۙHو] 8']YY][š\['H[XH8$\[ۂ']Y]\][^\]H^HH['H ]\\[[BY\H\H]HX\ٝ[Y[[\\XZ[B][[[]H\\[[H[YH\X[ۂ܈YX\] HY[X[\B]Y[[[ H[]]XB&[YHY[&JK\H\H\KB\H[HYH[Y[YBٙ\X܈\YYYBXHZH\Hو^HY]YX[H[&]ܚˈ[]YܚYX[^K[^HXYH[XYHۙ]]BY&][HK8'ܜH[KBx)H\XY[]]\[[œ[HوZ[\\ YZ[N] BۈXY]Y][Y[Y \H\HX\H[HXو^HZ[ HXB\Hو^H[Z[H[H][›[ܝYKYYK][H[\\BZ[XHY\[K]]][H\[[ۈݙ\Y[[[X[ZY x&YH]\[›\ۈ\KX][\ۂYY\[\[\[XX˜\XH\[[[YH]HYX[x)H\[\œXXH^H\[]XKB[ۈ\\] H\YSQUH[\]\HX[]KHXYY]H\۸&][ܜHۈH8&و][\K[XY\[ۈ]B[Y ]H[Y[ܙH[SUS\]^HYX\š[HܛHܙX][^HۂYKZ\Hو؛[K\[)VHTSӈBZ[XHYH[Y[]H[YXY]H[ܙX]BVH]وH[8&]\x&x)[ X]\HHY\œ]H\X\ܞHوڙXZ[ X NHXYYܙX]HB܈^\[\ H[[YB][^H]ۙHBHYYYH][KBZ[YHو]H[Y˜XY]HZ[KH][XZH]X\H܈YHXۚ\BYH[H\[Z[B\H۝X][^HX[K܈YH\]Y\[8'Z[˜\x'H YZ[K\[^H[YKH\YۙYH\\ X\ܘ[[X[[]]\\\HوHڙX܈YH]ۙK]][[[\Z\^B^Y\Έ[BXZH]X[\[B[وY][]ۙB[ HYX\[\\HYX\\ۙY\[[B[]X]H]X\\وHYX\ H LYZ’HܛHۈH]K L]YZ™H]^HۈHYXHو\\\^HXY[K^H\YZH\\^HQHYXK]X[\[ۈو\[H8&]ۙx&H[[X\Y][ LYZ][[Hو[YBYH[\]X[YHBZYY\[ ]HXY[H[[BZYY\[\HKBYۙY [Y[][LYZ8$]\X\H[]^HX[ۜ[H LYZ[]Y[H[[Hۛ\B[H[[[Hۛ\H[H[N]\[\B\XX\]H\[BYYZH][H\HB]\x&\[ܙx)H][BXY[H[H[ [H]HBX\Y[[ [\X[ H[XYHق\H[H\H[ˈۛH\š]X\HY\H]]\ZK]H[[]HX\H۝X][\[\˜[\HH[[ZX