Badassery Magazine December 2017 Issue 19 - Page 55

I am a big fan of manifesting. My "I am Abundant" mantra works a treat. At the start of 2017, I'd set myself an income manifesting abundance goal. If my business hit a certain income number, I wanted to give money back directly to my com- munity. I totally manifested that, so I was open to give. I work with a lot of creative mums starting business. Some of these mums have been through a bit of a wash- ing machine shit cycle in life if I am being frank. I know. I get it. Long story short, I launched my first ever round of sponsorship funding for women from the Mum- preneur program. The goal of sponsorship was to help them grow their businesses a little faster. In order for me to give this opportu- nity, I had to be open to receive. I thought it would be really easy to give funds away. If you are manifesting abundance, giving can not happen without receiving. I was so surprised by what hap- pened by giving to the women I serve in the start up phases of their business. First, there is no denying that giving feels good for the soul. Yes, I ugly cried on a Facebook live as I worked toward my teeny tiny ver- sion of Oprah's "You get a car, You get a car"... (baby steps my friend, baby steps). What surprised me though is the number of women who send me private messages saying "oh, that is so kind, Belle, I know there are women starting a business in there who deserve the money more than me, so I'm not going to apply.” It wasn't just one message - it was multiple!! Before I mess with your mindset like a newbie carving their first Christmas Turkey, lets talk about being a good giver first… until you realise that if you are going to be a warrior goddess, you need to really think about the healthy fight. Fight for giving yourself the life you dreamed of. I have also done this in business in the past, where I have sacrificed my worth and livelihood for the sake of providing a discount to my customers. If I charge them X, they will go broke. Guess what? They are not the right customer to receive from. The Law of Giving and Receiving: Giving without sacrifice is a secret to manifesting abundance. It all comes down to the mindset you have for giving and receiving, and creating a plan that flows. There have been two books that have really changed how I view giving and receiving. The first one is The Secret. Here's some mindset tips to help you think about how you give can include the following: What the? Which got me to thinking...have we developed a mindset that is better at the law of giving than receiving of things in life? There is a big difference between giving and sacrificing. Giving from a heart that is overflowing feels so good. Sacrifice does not feel good. Do not confuse the two - they are diametrically opposed - Rhonda Byrne, The Secret Confession: if I looked at my life and all the situations I found myself in, I thought I was being a really good giver. I would take on the role of protector as a child yet the outcome was I was sacrificing me. Sometimes in a really bad and unhealthy way for me - not the other people, for me. I would give up my time, my money and my dreams and goals for the sake of things that others wanted. You know you are sacrificing instead of giving because you feel it i